Biodynamic Ecology and Ruskin Mill Trust

There are four biodynamic training courses open to external applicants:

Level 3 Biodynamic Ecology, Growing the Land, Growing People Course – endorsed by the BDA

A 2 year practical course aiming to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become an independent and confident practitioner in biodynamic agriculture and horticulture, as well as providing the opportunity and skills to work with people with differing educational and developmental needs in a therapeutic context through land-based activities.

Catherine Grace School Biodynamic Course

This new initiative in collaboration with the Catherine Grace Specialist Rudolf Steiner School in Bristol, is aimed at educators and potential teachers interested in the biodynamic method combined with an understanding of human developmental. It runs 10 Saturdays over the year.

Biodynamic Forestry – Trees in a Changing World

The aim of this one-year course is to highlight the importance of forest for the future of the Earth. The course will explore working with wood and the woodland from a biodynamic perspective.

Step-by-Step Biodynamic Gardening Course

This course is run by the Biodynamic Association and delivered across the Ruskin Mill provisions by experienced practitioners. The course is ideal for those who have knowledge of gardening but want to learn more about the biodynamic approach. It runs once a month from February to July.

Ruskin Mill Trust

For over 25 years, Ruskin Mill Trust (RMT) has been delivering innovative education to young people with complex needs who struggle to engage in mainstream education. Through an integrated 24-hour curriculum, with a focus on practical skills and therapeutic education (PSTE), the method of the Trust enables young people to transform their own futures and realise their potential.

Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (PSTE) is the unique pedagogic method of RMT. Method determines the students’ curriculum and the professional development of our staff. Through its design, integrative nature and student-centred approach, ‘PSTE provides vocational and work skills, as well as underpinning social and living skills through the educational and residential curriculum…. Students engage in practical activities that develop cognitive and emotional capacities and a sense of will’.

For course information or applications, please email or call 07975 793 193