Ruskin Mill Trust’s Biodynamic Training is a practical training in Biodynamic Agriculture, within the context of human development and education.

The course has been designed by experienced farmers, gardeners, educators, and senior practitioners within Ruskin Mill Trust, where Biodynamic Agriculture is embedded in enterprise management and education.

The Ruskin Mill Biodynamic Training has two primary areas of focus:

  • Biodynamic training – ‘Growing the land’
  • Therapeutic education – ‘Growing people’

It is this dual aim of the programme, which weaves a therapeutic intention of ‘growing people’ into a training of Biodynamic Agriculture, which makes the course unique. This dual aim is underpinned by Ruskin Mill Trust’s method of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education (PSTE), which works holistically with the Earth, to restore the health of human beings.

The internationally acclaimed reputation of Ruskin Mill Land Trust and Ruskin Mill Trust’s successes, as well as its high educational standards and absolute commitment to Biodynamic Agriculture, affords participants the unique opportunity to become a competent biodynamic practitioner, within an educational context.

This is a full 2-year training course delivered across the RMT sites.