The following Units comprise the Ruskin Mill Biodynamic Training programme.

Although the programme integrates therapeutic education and human development into a biodynamic training, the units and associated content are heavily weighted towards Biodynamic Agriculture. Additionally, Steiner’s Agricultural Lectures are woven throughout the programme.

Module Name Unit No Unit Name
1. Spirit of Place 1 Spirit of Place
  2 Soils from a Biodynamic Perspective
  3a Plants from a Biodynamic Perspective
  3b Biodynamic Seeds
  4 Animals from a Biodynamic Perspective
2. Practical Farm and Garden Skills 5 Hand tools, equipment and machinery
3. The Biodynamic Farm as an Organism 6 The farm organism
  7 Weather- Water
  8 Biodiversity and farm ecology
  9 Environmental  accountability
4. Therapeutic Education and Human Development 10 Practical Skills Therapeutic Education
  11 Human Development
5. Food and Nutrition 12 Food and Nutrition
  13 Holistic Support and Care
6. Balancing Cosmic and Earthly Energies 14 Rhythms and Formative forces
  15 Biodynamic Preparations
  16 Biodynamic weed, pest and disease management
7. Transformative Leadership and Farm and Garden Management 17a/b Project: Horticultural Production in Biodynamic Practice OR Animal Husbandry in Biodynamic Practice
  18 Farm economics, leadership and management