Catherine Grace School Biodynamic Course

This course works out of Ruskin Mill Trust’s pedagogical method of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education and will be of interest to educators, potential teachers, and other interested persons.

Biodynamic Agriculture: re-imagining the potential of the farm, the human being, individuals, communities and the environment



Helios Medical Centre, 17 Stoke Hill, Stoke Bishop, Bristol BS9 1JN

Course Dates:

28 September 2019

Introduction; the earth as a living organism; the 4 Kingdoms of Nature; science and phenomenology of soils

19 October

Biodynamic soil fertility; elements of PSTE; building a Biodynamic compost heap; Biodynamic cow horn & chamomile preparation

30 November

Earthly and cosmic forces; Biodynamic 500 and 501 preparations; the 12 human senses and the planes of space

11 January 2020

Rhythms in nature and cosmos; elements of PSTE; 3 King’s preparation stirring and spraying; the Biodynamic sowing calendar

22 February

Botany and phenomenology of the plant; plant study (seed and root); elements of PSTE; plant study (seed and root); soil preparations

28 March 2020

Plant study (leaf metamorphosis); elements of PSTE; plant study (flower, fruit and seed); compost

25 April

Organisms below the ground (case study of the worm); elements of PSTE; organisms above the ground (case study of the bees)

23 May

Plant health and care; Biodynamic weeds, pest and disease management; homeopathy: potentising a Biodynamic pepper

13 June

Stirring and spraying 501; the role of elemental beings; elements of PSTE; the significance of the farm animal

11 July

Nutrition; the task of the educational gardener; rounding off and closing


There is no fixed charge for the course. Donations are invited. All donations received will go towards Ruskin Mill Trust’s bees at Argent College in Birmingham.

Information and application

Please contact the course director for more information or download an application form here (Word) – APPLICATIONS FOR 2020/21 NOW BEING ACCEPTED

For any queries on course information or applications, please email or call 07975 793 193

Vale Head FarmPerson sorting carrotsTomatoes close upClose up of person planting seeds