List of Units

List of Units2017-12-18T10:26:38+00:00

Biodynamic Training course units:

  1. Introduction to Ruskin Mill Trust
  2. Genius loci
  3. Soils
  4. Plants
  5. Animals
  6. Rhythms and forces
  7. Weather
  8. The farm individuality
  9. Therapeutic education
  10. Holistic support and care
  11. Food, nutrition and health
  12. Tools, equipment and machinery
  13. The biodynamic preparations
  14. Biodynamic weed, disease and pest management
  15. Farm ecology and bio diversity
  16. Environmental accountability
  17. Biodynamic seeds
  18. Social enterprise and leadership
  19. Horticultural production
  20. Animal husbandry
  21. Introduction to Spiritual Science
  22. Action research and reflective practice

The integrated module elements:

The integrated Biodynamic Agriculture Training module elements

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